Late night knows who wrote that New York Times editorial

How about that New York Times editorial, right? Fortunately, it was published an hour before Late Night began taping their shows, giving them time to come up with some theories on who wrote it:

Jimmy Kimmel knows who wrote The New York Times editorial, and wonders how many more signs from God Congress needs:

Seth Meyers also knows who wrote The New York Times editorial:

Stephen Colbert tells Trump that the call is coming from inside the White House and urges him to GET OUT. (And stay out.)

Trevor Noah can’t believe we are dealing with a watered-down Trump:

Jimmy Fallon has the alternative title for Bob Woodward’s book on Trump”

James Corden has the written answers Trump is going to give to Mueller:

Donald Trump doesn’t know which side the protestors at Kavanaugh’s Senate confirmation hearing are on:

It’s time for another Late Night White House Press Briefing:

Jimmy Kimmel teaches our new Bachelor about the birds and the bees:

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