Late Night has one or two thoughts about yesterday’s Trump-Putin “summit”

Well, we heard what the news anchors, morning personalities and Sean Hannity had to say about Trump’s summit with Putin. So what did late night think? Did they think Trump did a great job? I’m guessing they thought Trump did a great job.

Stephen Colbert was “shaken” by the summit between Putin and the “Siberian Candidate” and adds up all of Trump’s behavior and comes to the conclusion that it was treason.

Jimmy Kimmel knows now that Putin has something on Trump, “beyond a treasonable doubt.”

Seth Meyers takes A Closer Look at the summit, and worries about what the private meeting between the two must have been like, and believes Trump is minutes away from Single White Femaling Putin.

Jimmy Fallon: “According to experts, Trump and Putin had a lot to negotiate in their meeting. Trump says negotiations went great: Putin now controls New York and California, and in exchange, Trump got three magic beans.”

Trevor Noah points out that America shouldn’t have held elections if we didn’t want Russia to meddle in them:

Seth Meyers also lists all of the royal protocols Trump broke in his meeting with the Queen:

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