Late Night takes a look at Trump’s busy weekend of foreign policy debacles

Seth Meyers takes a closer look at Donald Trump’s campaign to piss off our allies and cozy up to crazy-ass dictators:

Stephen Colbert suggests that the entire G7 summit can be summed up by the photo “Still Life with Douchebag,” and hopes that Russia has something bigger than the peepee tape on Trump:

Jimmy Fallon jokes that Kim Jong-Un might want to hold the summit in public:

Trevor Noah urges Trump to JUST SHUT UP ABOUT KEISHA RUSSIA:

James Corden knows how Trump prepared for the North Korea summit:

Jordan Klepper introduces us to the Trump Doctrine: “We’re America, Bitch.” That is not a joke:

John Oliver gave us an update on Stupid Watergate this weekend:

Seth Meyers has a photo of the first human-chicken hybrid:

Jimmy Kimmel gives the details on the Blobfish Basketball Classic that will be held here in Houston this weekend. I hope Kimmel humiliates him throughly, but I also wish Kimmel were giving Beto as much free publicity:

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