Dr. Bornstein is back like some kind of gift to late night from the comedy gods

Jimmy Kimmel chats with Trump’s doctor Dr. Bornstein (Mike Meyers):

Seth Meyers takes A Closer Look at Trump’s crazy-ass doctor, Mike Pence, and SPACE FORCE! Because “we’re getting very big in space.”

Stephen Colbert ponders what Trump didn’t put in his medical report:

Jimmy Fallon knows why Trump has such a bad doctor:

In the wake of the White House Correspondent’s Dinner controversy, Samantha Bee explores Sarah Huckabee Sanders, one of the Greatest Feminists in Feminism History. ALSO, AS WE ALL HAVE SEEN TODAY, SHE IS A FUCKING LIAR:

James Corden thinks Trump is confusing his idea for SPACE FORCE with Guardians of the Galaxy.

The Opposition reveals that MAGA is somehow a religion now:

Stephen Colbert had Michael Avanatti on his show last night, where, as I pointed out in my earlier post, Avanatti brought receipts:

Seth Meyers has insight on Trump’s autocorrect, and Amber Ruffin responds to Kanye’s nonsense:

Yay, Drunk Trump is back!

Trump’s caddie Richie tells Seth Meyers what he’s really like:

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