Late night (and your faithful blogger) is obsessed with this video of Trump’s gross scalp and the rest of what you missed last night

Jimmy Kimmel consulted with professionals about what the hell is wrong with Donald Trump’s hair — or lack thereof:

Seth Meyers has the best and pettiest jokes about that bald spot:

Jimmy Fallon wonders if Trump’s head just flashed him, but doesn’t go for the easy McDonald’s french fries cures baldness joke:

James Corden notes that even Trump’s hair has been lying to us and doesn’t find it surprising that Trump wants a military parade:

Upon news of Trump’s desire for a military parade, Stephen Colbert wonders who has Dictator Bingo? Colbert also encourages Trump to testify again:

Jimmy Kimmel also gets in on Stephen Colbert’s game of encouraging Trump to testify for Robert Mueller:

Seth Meyers takes a closer look at this military parade President Toddler is demanding, and what is going on with this racist administration’s position on immigration:

Trevor Noah points out that we don’t need to throw a military parade to remind the world we have a strong military, because our military is in their countries right now:

Samantha Bee finally got around to the Nunes memo, and reminds us that #TrumpCan’tRead:

Jimmy Kimmel has Melania’s DMs to Obama:



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