Stephen Colbert double dog dares Trump to testify for Robert Mueller and the rest of the best of late night

Armed with an empty bucket of fried chicken, Stephen Colbert dares Trump to testify for Robert Mueller. You wouldn’t want people to think you’re scared, right, Trump? BAWK BAWK!

James Corden wonders why if Trump’s lawyers don’t want him to testify, they just tell him they want him to:

The Daily Show tests to see if Trump’s “jokes” work in the right setting:

Jimmy Fallon had a round of problematic apologies, inspired by Lady Doritos:

Jimmy Kimmel imagines what would happen if Siri were an actual doctor:

Stephen Colbert relinquished his King Nerd crown to Elon Musk:

Late Night with Seth Meyers has another press briefing with Sarah Huckabee Sanders

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