Roy Moore riding in on that horse to vote was the gift to late night hosts that kept giving

I could watch Stephen Colbert do his Roy Moore-riding-a-horse imitation all day.

Seth Meyers admires Roy Moore and his horse Sassy, “two animals not allowed in the mall.”

Seth Meyers also had a few notes for Kayla Moore on her whole, “One of our attorneys is a Jew” comment:

Conan gave Kayla Moore a do-over:

Jimmy Kimmel takes his final digs in on his Twitter pal Roy Moore, sharing some of the weirder moments from their Election Eve rally. And it was WEEEEIRRRRD:

Jimmy Fallon notes that you know things are bad with Roy Moore when the good stories about him involve prostitutes:

James Corden’s wife had their baby 30 minutes before his show was set to start filming, so Corden had his buddy Harry Styles fill in for him, where he told Roy Moore jokes because this British pop star is definitely very interested in the Alabama Senatorial race.

Conan has Roy Moore’s appeal to the Jewish community. 

The Daily Show focused their attention on the GOP tax bill, and the fact that plan will add a trillion dollars in debt while working a DMX reference in there:

Kimmel handed out the viral clip of the year, but he got it wrong because my favorite was robbed. ROBBED, I TELL YOU.

Time for another installment of “Jokes Seth Can’t Tell:”

Hate Elf on the Shelf? Kimmel has a much more brutal suggestion:


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