Do not tweet #DentureDonald and the rest of the best of late night

At his announcement yesterday that the United States would recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, Donald Trump had some … slurring issues, leading late night to speculate that our President wears dentures. Trevor Noah demands we begin the “Molar Investigation” into this whole #DentureDonald story. But definitely DO NOT tweet using the #DentureDonald hashtag because that might hurt Trumpsh feelingshs:

James Corden notes that we knew Trump had a screw loose, but we didn’t know he had a tooth loose:

Seth Meyers points out that our first and last Presidents will have both worn fake teeth:

Samantha Bee spent a solid chunk of last night’s episode taking a sharp look at the men in media who have been accused of sexual harassment, and how maybe, possibly, perhaps their hatred and disdain for women might have had an effect on how they covered Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

Stephen Colbert points out that while Trump came in second to the #MeToo movement for Time’s Person of the Year, he’s used to creeping in behind women:

Seth Meyers takes “a closer look” at Trump’s claim to be the “law & order” candidate and conclusively reveals that what Trump really means is he’s the “lock up brown people” candidate.

Neil Patrick Harris, filling in for Jimmy Kimmel, plays the classic game, “Santa or Flu Shot.”

Yamaneika Saunders helps clear up the debate on Santa’s ethnicity on The Tonight Show with some very convincing evidence.

Finally, Conan shares with us the descriptions of his favorite shows:


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