Late night points out that for Trump, the thirst is real and everything else you missed last night.

Stephen Colbert opened with a tribute to President Teeny Hands sip seen around the world:

James Corden compares him to a robot on the Pirates of the Caribbean:

Seth Meyers accurately compared him to a five-year-old soccer player:

Meanwhile, Kimmel points out that Trump still hasn’t commented on Roy Moore:

As for Samantha Bee, she challenged Alabama voters to prove that they are better than those liberals out in Hollyweird by not electing Roy Moore:

Trevor Noah has a plan to Trump proof our nukes:

Stephen Colbert draws a line in the sand on Blake Shelton being named People Magazine‘s “Sexiest Man” before making note of Trump’s wildly unqualified judicial appointees:

Patton Oswalt tells Mike Huckabee’s Twitter “jokes.” Spoiler alert: they still aren’t funny.

Jimmy Kimmel’s war on children continues apace.

Jimmy Fallon got a hold of Trump’s custom form on his return from Asia.

Samantha Bee also weighs in on Women in Comedy. Fuck yeah, Samantha Bee. FUCK YEAH.


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