You better believe everyone had something to say about Trump and the NFL protests on late night last night.

Trevor Noah would just like some clarification on when, exactly, Black people are allowed to protest BECAUSE IT IS REALLY UNCLEAR, Y’ALL. 

Stephen Colbert corrects Trump’s tweet that kneeling during the national anthem has nothing to do with race: “Wrong. Kneeling during the national anthem has everything to do with race, just like your presidency.”

Seth Meyers receives an excellent assist from Amber Ruffin on his comments about Trump’s attack on Black athletes. (Also, are we sure Trump knows how to turn off a TV?)

Fallon releases Trump’s new rules for football:

James Corden points out the hypocrisy of Trump demanding more respect for the flag when he sells beer koozies with the flag on it on his site. And can we just pause here and discuss the fact that the Trump site calls koozies “coolies”? What the fuck is a coolie?

trump coolies.png
Definition of coolie from Merriam-Webster:
usually offensive
an unskilled laborer or porter usually in or from the Far East hired for low or subsistence wages

It’s been a roller coaster of a weekend for Jimmy Kimmel, what with the health care bill and such. Oh, and also? Fox News can go fuck themselves. 

In this edition of Celebrity Mean Tweets, Kumail Nanjiani reveals that he’s the king of comebacks:

Seth Meyers also gave more accurate headlines to these news stories:

Also, meet Jordan Klepper’s citizen journalists on The Opposition, which just debuted last night:


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