Sean Spicer comes clean about his feelings about Melissa McCarthy’s impression of him and the rest of the best of late night

Sean Spicer admits that Melissa McCarthy’s impression of him was funny. OF COURSE IT WAS, SEAN. But as he points out, this was a no-win situation for him: McCarthy is making fun of him, Trump is mad at HIM for some reason, and she wins an Emmy.

Here’s Spicer’s full interview with Jimmy, in which he discusses everything from his relationship with the press, Trump’s tweeting and the Inauguration crowd size.

Samantha Bee took a few weeks off and caught up with what she missed, including why Ted Cruz is persecuted:

Seth Meyers has many ways to describe Mueller, all of which are hilarious (and accurate) in this “A Closer Look.”

From Conan, the crowd at the Apple iPhone announcement have a lot questions about this facial recognition program.

IT and I.T., people get them confused all the time.

And this was from Tuesday’s Conan, but Butterscotch the Clown has some complaints about IT making clowns seem creepy:

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