Seth Meyers goes after Hillary Clinton for going after Bernie Sanders and the rest of the best of late night

Seth Meyers goes after Hillary for blaming Bernie Sanders for her loss, pointing out that if she wants to blame something ancient, she should blame the Electoral College. Can I get an amen up in here?

Jimmy Kimmel has the trailer for Hillary Clinton’s new book:

Stephen Colbert reveals some excerpts from the book in this segment, including how America came to choose Potato Ass.

Stephen Colbert also shares some astonishing footage of Trump comparing North Dakota’s drought to Houston’s Harvey aftermath. HOW IS THIS MAN PRESIDENT?

Similarly, James Corden tries to explain to Trump that natural disasters ARE NOT COMPETITIONS.

Trevor Noah suggests that in the future, our weather and political reporting should go hand-in-hand because disasters seem to be the only thing that encourages these assholes to do anything anymore.

Amber Says What? about Trump’s response to Hurricane Harvey.

Jimmy Fallon shrugs that we might as well send Dennis Rodman to try to negotiate with North Korea:

Finally, it’s a special Ivanka edition of Drunk Donald Trump:

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