Late night has a lot to say about Trump’s “working” vacation, all of it hilarious

Seth Meyers points out that there are an infinite number of clips of Trump promising that he won’t go on vacation or play golf if he were elected President. INFINITE.

James Corden notes that Trump is going on a “working” vacation while the White House goes under renovation, “the White House does need some work — apparently that place has a ton of leaks.”

Stephen Colbert points out that Trump is on a “working” vacation, suggesting that Putin is a tough boss:

Jimmy Kimmel wonders if it’s possible that Trump doesn’t realize that he’s even on vacation:

Kimmel also points out that Putin is also on vacation which is sorta suspicious:

Jimmy Fallon points out that at least Trump keeps his shirt on while on vacation. Thank God for small favors.

Also, Mike Pence is not running for President in 2020, he’s going to be President much, much sooner than that when Trump goes on permanent vacation.

Bill Maher played a fun game this weekend: what if Obama said it?

And here’s John Oliver’s deep dive on Trump’s plan to add more Border Patrol, which on paper sounds reasonable. Spoiler alert! It’s probably not.


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