Concern trolls demand Stephen Colbert be fired for making a Trump joke. Best of luck with that, dum-dums.

Monday night, Stephen Colbert went on a name-calling tirade on Donald Trump, including saying that the only thing Trump’s mouth is “good for is being Vladimir Putin’s cock holster.” Watch it here if you missed it last night.

Now, in some legendary concern trolling, some on the right are calling for Colbert to be fired for making a “homophobic” comment, and started a #FireColbert hashtag, including Snowflake Karl Rove. LOL, LOL, OK.

Look, dummies, Bill O’Reilly was ousted from Fox News after people demanded his advertisers to pull out because he HAD SEXUALLY HARASSED MULTIPLE WOMEN, NOT BECAUSE HE MADE A JOKE, FOR FUCK’S SAKE. It was certainly not because he said something offensive on his show, heaven knows. Because I am not a member of the LGBTQ community, I don’t feel like I get to have an opinion on whether or not this is actually a homophobic joke, but y’all should really clean up your own house before you start throwing that particular stone.

Pet theory: This hashtag began trending yesterday because it was either started by or multiplied by bored Russian hackers taking a break from trying to influence the French election.

Anyway, Colbert didn’t acknowledge it last night, choosing instead to tell his viewers to watch Jimmy Kimmel’s monologue about his child, and to focus on Clinton and Trump:

Other Late Night Stuff

Speaking of Kimmel, most people, including President Obama and Hillary Clinton, were moved by his monologue because they are human beings with emotions and empathy.

However, there are always some assholes out there …

Fortunately, Patton Oswalt is in the world:

In other late night news, Alec Baldwin claims that Saturday Night Live invited Trump back this year. WTF, NBC, NO.

Stephen Colbert wasn’t the only one thinking about Hillary Clinton yesterday:

Meanwhile, Seth Meyers looks into airline deregulation:

News News

Seeing as she personally enforced Roger Ailes’ miniskirt rule, Fox News’ new head, Suzanne Scott, is not going to be the solution to their problem despite having lady parts.

And the purge at Fox News may not be over. 

But the hits keep coming for Fox News: now they’ve been slammed with a gender and disability lawsuit.

So, Donald Trump made a dumb ad celebrating his “success” in the first 100 days — 


— and towards the end of the ad, it claims that you wouldn’t have known about all these amazing things that he has done from watching the news, with this image:

fake news trump ad

Considering Wolf Blitzer’s face is directly underneath “FAKE,” CNN decided to not run this ad, as it is their right to do. And so the Trump Administration is calling this decision “shameful,” because of course it is.

Megyn Kelly is going to interview Putin, so there’s that.

In Other TV News

You can now stream live shows on Hulu for $40 a month. Is that a good deal? I don’t know if this is a good deal?

Twitter thinks it wants to be TV. Oh, Twitter, no.

John Bradley, the actor who plays Samwell Tarly on Game of Thrones is pretty sure he’s going to do the impossible on this show: survive. In fact, he’s hinting that Sam is the actual author of the whole story, which makes sense.


Hillary Clinton knows what’s up.

An interesting conversation: how many episodes are too many episodes?

This isn’t exactly about TV, just a reminder that Sarah Paulson is the greatest.

I mean, who doesn’t love Wu-Tang?

konichiwa bitches wutang dave chappelle

Because it will probably be too late to tell you tomorrow, here’s your notice that TBS is going to air the first six Star Wars movies tomorrow as it is May 4th. The marathon begins at 5:40 a.m. CT and if you are willing to get up that early to watch The Phantom Menace, bless your heart.

Trailer Park

Marvel’s The Defenders, Netflix, August 18

Norm Macdonald: Hitler’s Dog, Gossip & Trickery, Netflix, May 9

In Development


We are racing towards Upfronts, so people are making their final guesses as to which series will be cancelled or renewed in the next couple of weeks. Buckle up.


Casting News


The Real Housewives of New York: Carole throws her ill-advised election night party. 8 p.m., Bravo

Andy Cohen’s Then & Now: Andy Cohen reminisces about 1997 in the season premiere. 9 p.m., Bravo

Plants Behaving Badly: I mean, that title though. Series premiere. 9 p.m., PBS

black-ish: Zoey attends her college orientation in what could be a back-door pilot for a black-ish spinoff. 8:30 p.m., ABC

Late Night: Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: Kaley Cuoco, Horatio Sanz, LP Late Night with Seth Meyers: Chris Pratt, Beth Behrs, Shane Smith, Josh Dion The Late Show with Stephen Colbert: Jim Parsons, Jeff Garlin, Paul Scheer The Late Late Show with James Corden: Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, Taylor Schilling, Ryan Adams Jimmy Kimmel Live: Anthony Anderson, Alison Krauss Conan: Kurt Russell, Ron Funches, Chicano Batman The Daily Show: Michael Bloomberg, Carl Pope, Sanaa Lathan Watch What Happens Live: Ramona Singer, Alex McCord

WEDS. 7:00 7:30 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30
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Chicago P.D.

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