All eyes on Vancouver



Skiing and shooting? And still, curling is more ridiculous.

If there’s one thing the athletically-inclined and the remote-wielding couch potatoes can agree on it’s that the Olympic games are awesome. The greatest athletes in the world come together and compete in events that are both mind-bogglingly impressive and hilariously ludicrous. While our sports crew tackles medal counts, play-by-plays and all those stats and numbers and kilometers and whathaveyous that most of us here at Tubular HQ can barely make heads or tails out of, we know that there’s so much more to the games than just athletics.

We’re in it for the sob-stories (“And then a dog ate her face, and the only thing that got her through each excruciating day was her love of ice dancing. Today, she skates for that dog.”) We’re in it for the sparkly unitards. We’re in it for the unnecessary packages about life in the Great White North (home of Celine Dion and Alanis Morissette). Just like any good primetime programming worth its weight in pathos, we expect our Olympic coverage to be exciting, dramatic and just a little silly.

So, in the spirit of our Summer Games coverage, we’re happy to bring you our non-sports fans’ guide to the Winter Games, with Bobby and Therese. Each night we’ll bring you our highlights (and lowlights) of NBC’s primetime coverage (and maybe some more on weekends if it’s something entertaining like ICE DANCING). Unlike Beijing, where we relied on Mary Carillo to teach us complex cultural lessons on the Chinese (they have pandas! and eat scorpions!), we’re a little more familiar with Canada, thanks to many seasons of Degrassi.

If you like your skiing and skating with some snark and sass, put on your balaclava, pour a warm glass of maple syrup and join our gold-medal worthy Olympic commentary beginning this Friday following the opening ceremony.

See you there, eh?

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