Dumb man who depends entirely on comedy writers says writers aren’t owed a living in a shocking yet entirely unsurprising moment of zero self-awareness

Not guilty.

Here’s A BUNCH OF TV News

Disney is having a slap fight with Charter/Spectrum over carriage fees, and it left Charter cable subscribers without access to ABC, ESPN, Freeform, FX, National Geographic, and all its subsidiary channels, on August 31, which really pissed off a bunch of sports fans. And usually, I side against the cable companies in these sorts of disputes, but in this case, Charter might have a point, arguing that Disney is diluting the value of channels like FX by allowing that content on Hulu, while at the same time raising their fees, and not allowing cable subscribers free access to the online content. Basically, Charter is arguing that Disney should do what HBO does with Max, allowing cable subscribers free access to the streaming service. But Disney sees no reason they shouldn’t double bill their customers. Meanwhile, Disney’s solution to this fight is to urge Charter customers to move over to Hulu + live TV.

Speaking of the AMPTP baddies: Warner Bros. Discovery is saying that they will lose somewhere between $300-$500 million thanks to the writers’ and actors’ strikes. My heart, it bleeds.

Meanwhile, Aaron Paul revealed on the strike lines that he earns zero residuals from Breaking Bad on Netflix, which seems like some bullshit.

Meanwhile, Bill Maher thinks writers don’t deserve to earn a living wage because Bill Maher is the fucking worst. I hope his writers, who have single-handedly propped up his entire mediocre career, are paying attention and planning on sending out resumes as soon as this strike is over.

They’re filming House of the Dragon which means I need to get back to finishing the first season of House of the Dragon, whoops.

If Our Flag Means Death is renewed for a third season (fingers crossed) it will be its last, according to creator David Jenkins.

Peacock is offering a free 7-day trial right now, if you’re interested.

Hoping Whoopi Goldberg feels better soon.

Some things I missed last week:

This is complicated, but basically, Christopher Psaila, a costume designer, is suing Erika Jayne Girardi, claiming that her husband Tom used his Secret Service connections to reverse $800,000-$900,000 in American Express charges. He is asking for $18 million in damages.

Sarah Jessica Parker adopted her on-screen kitten, Shoe. He’s a pretty boy.

First, it was Paul Rudd’s character’s apartment filled with references to Rudd’s career, and now it’s Meryl Street’s character’s apartment. The set decorators on Only Murders in the Building are having way too much fun over there.

It sure is funny how back in 2016 Fox News was very concerned about a Presidential candidate being investigated for crimes, but now in 2023, a Presidential candidate being indicted in four different criminal cases is just political hoo-ha.


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Fox News had some weird racist fantasies:


The Venice Film Festival was last week, and protestors were there to greet Woody Allen who was premiering his new film. 

And this is surprising, but Woody Allen thinks cancel culture is “silly.”

Mira Sorvino, who starred in Allen’s film Mighty Aphrodite in 1995, wrote an open apology to Allen’s daughter Dylan in 2018 for not believing her story at the time she made the film. Seeing that “Woody Allen” was trending again this weekend, she tweeted out the apology letter again.

A third woman has sued Nick Carter for sexual assault, claiming that he assaulted her multiple times when she was 15 in 2003. 

Spanish actor Gabriel Guevara was arrested at the Venice Film Festival for sexual assault. Spanish police arrested him on a French warrant, but he has not been extradited to France yet.

Dodgers pitcher Julio Urias has been arrested for felony domestic violence.

Spain’s soccer coach Jorge Vilda has been fired after supporting Spanish soccer president Luis Rubiales in the whole World Cup kiss fallout. Vilda had already been the subject of controversy himself. In 2022, multiple players complained to the soccer federation about Vilda’s unprofessional behavior, including not being prepared for matches, coaches demanding that the players’ hotel room doors be kept open until midnight, and having the players’ belongings being searched. He sounds like a delight.

In Development

Mark Your Calendars

  • Power Rangers Cosmic Fury debuts on Netflix on September 29.
  • Dawn of the Nugget will debut on Netflix on December 15.
  • Little Baby Bum: Music Time will debut on Netflix on September 25.


Marcia de Rousse, Actress known for True Blood

Robert Klane, Emmy-winning screenwriter for Tracey Takes On, screenwriter of Weekend at Bernie’s and director of Thank God It’s Friday, among other projects

Gary Wright, Singer and songwriter


The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City: Season four premiere. 8 p.m., Bravo

One Shot: Overtime Elite: This limited series follows the athletes at Overtime Elite, a professional basketball league for 16–20-year-olds based in Atlanta, GA. Prime Video

Frontline: Two Strikes/Tutwiler: In this two-part episode, Frontline takes a look at a little-known two-strikes legal policy that landed a West Point cadet in prison for life, and the horrors of being pregnant while in prison. 9 p.m., PBS


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