Happy Presidents Day, Future President Oprah!

So this is what we woke up to this morning:


Oh my God, let me get my breath.

Ok, first thought: The way this asshole projects! He literally spent all weekend rage/fear-tweeting about the Russia situation (13 tweets in the span of about 36 hours), but sure, Oprah is the insecure one.

Second thought: I still think Oprah shouldn’t run for president because we need to quit pretending that being a celebrity is the same thing as being a leader. That said, I CAN NOT WAIT TO CAST MY VOTE FOR PRESIDENT OPRAH OVER TRUMP. CAN WE JUST FAST-FORWARD TO NOVEMBER 2020 ALREADY?

Third thought: Here’s the transcript of the Oprah piece. Point out to me a single biased or slanted question, or an incorrect fact. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Oh, I’ll reflect, motherfucker. Don’t you worry about that.

Meanwhile, Mike Pence is having his own slap fight with a female talk show host because this is politics now.

Because I was all fired up about gun violence and the Olympics, I forgot to mention in this space that Trump has another woman coming forward claiming to have had an affair with him. The notable part of this story is not that he was unfaithful to his wife — because, come on — but that Trump put himself in the position to be blackmailed. And that this is a pattern of behavior. In other words:

And now Stormy is officially shopping her story following Michael Cohen’s admission that he facilitated a $130,000 payment to her.

Pick up some popcorn at the store, George Stephanopoulos has landed the first interview with James Comey.

And Omarosa suggested on Celebrity Big Brother that someone — a she someone — is sleeping with everyone in the White House. (It’s Hope Hicks, right?) She also talks smack about the Hillary campaign.

This is far more disrespectful to our country and flag than kneeling.

Adam Rippon was hired by NBC Sports for five seconds.

Joel McHale revealed in an interview that Kris Jenner forbade Talk Soup to make fun of the Kardashians back in the day, but if you watched Talk Soup, you already knew that because he said as much on the show dozens of times.

UnReal is coming back soon, hooray!

Here are a bunch of people who guest starred on Charmed, including Norman Reedus and Jon Hamm.

I was just joking with a friend about how some couple needed to do a pairs figure skating routine based on the Lannisters, and it (kinda) happened, AND I MISSED IT?

FAKE NEWS. Literally.

Love is dead.

Check Yourself Report

Charlene Yi claims Marilyn Manson harassed almost all the women on the set of House. Which is just a weird set of words to put together.

J.J. Abrams sees you, misogynists.

Oh no, Hanna Schygulla, no.



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